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Courage Whatsapp Status

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

There are so many websites on the internet who are providing the Courage Status but my favourite is Status Joint , on this you can find almost every type of whatsapp status for your every situation of life, and i am giving below my own favourite Courage Status in English…

Courage Status

Courage Whatsapp Status
Courage Whatsapp Status

Benjamin Disraeli: "Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke."

Bruce Lee: "Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them."

Confucius: "Faced with what is right, to leave it undone shows a lack of courage."

Catherine the Great: "I beg you take courage; the brave soul can mend even disaster."

Charlie Chaplin: "Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself."

Charles Lindbergh: "Is he alone who has courage on his right hand and faith on his left hand?"

Christopher Morley: "The courage of the poet is to keep ajar the door that leads into madness."

Dean Koontz: "Nothing gives us courage more readily than the desire to avoid looking like a damn fool."

Aristotle: "Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others."

Earl Nightingale: "All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination."

Billy Graham: "Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened."

Chester W Nimitz: "God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right even though I think it is hopeless."

Benjamin Franklin: "How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them."

Alfred North Whitehead: "True courage is not the brutal force of vulgar heroes, but the firm resolve of virtue and reason."

Daniel J Boorstin: "The courage to imagine the otherwise is our greatest resource, adding color and suspense to all our life."

Eleanor Roosevelt: "You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give."

Ben Horowitz: "Hire sales people who are really smart problem solvers, but lack courage, hunger and competitiveness, and your company will go out of business."

David Ben-Gurion: "Courage is a special kind of knowledge: the knowledge of how to fear what ought to be feared and how not to fear what ought not to be feared."

David Letterman: "There's only one requirement of any of us, and that is to be courageous. Because courage, as you might know, defines all other human behavior."

Dale Carnegie: "Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy."

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